When It is worth to contact a financial adviser?

Most people are likely to need financial advice at least once in their lives. Of these, a large number will benefit from seeking advice on several occasions, and a few will do so on a regular basis. So how can you work out what your own advice needs may be? And how do you know when it’s time to find an adviser?
If you’re facing a big decision on which a lot of money depends, advice can be invaluable. Things like setting up a pension, buying a home or planning for retirement may be rare or even one-off events, so you will probably have very little experience on which to base these crucial choices. And though you may seek guidance from friends and family, or online, neither of those can give you as much confidence as unbiased advice from an experienced professional.

Most people who contact an adviser do so when facing one or more of these decisions.
Starting a pension
Saving for / buying a home
Marriage / starting a family
Making a significant career change
Starting or running a business
Planning ahead for retirement
Taking an income in retirement
Planning life after retirement
Other reasons for seeking financial advice may include moving abroad, getting divorced, arranging for yourself or a relative to go into long-term care, or any situation in which you may need to take out a financial product, such as a mortgage, insurance, or a pension arrangement.

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